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Youssef Chahed: "government lacked needed political support to make progress on reforms”

Published the:  14/09/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said "the government did not have the political backing to move forward in the reforms raised when it took office".

"On the contrary, the government had found secondary political conflicts that have nothing to do with the country’s interests,” he pointed out.

Speaking at the National Conference on Economic and Social Guidelines of the 2019 Finance Law, held Friday at the Convention Centre in Tunis, Chahed noted that political conflicts have "disrupted government action and acted as a pull-back force.”

According to him, this has hindered the process of reform and the measures needed to achieve the expected economic development.

Nevertheless, Chahed insisted, the government will not abandon the choice of major reforms, including social funds and the system of subsidies that will be launched with the new Finance Act.

"Theoretically, it was possible to throw in the towel and give up but it is not part of our philosophy in politics or even in life," he said.

Chahed added that "the government is determined to assume its responsibilities and serve the interests of the country first and foremost, especially because of the fact that the tabling of the budget bill and the draft state budget of 2019 before the House of People's Representatives is expected in a few weeks, the constitutional deadline being October 15, 2018.

He insisted that his government team and himself are in no way attached to “retaining their positions.”

"Any political change will lead to the breakdown of negotiations with international financial institutions, while the country has a clear need for funding to cover the budget deficit," he cautioned.

Chahed has, in this sense, affirmed that "the government is willing to pay the political price on the condition of improving the living conditions of the citizens".

The government is open to all social partners and those who are driven by the desire to serve the country, he stressed.