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Chahed says government will take measures to lower popular car prices from 30 to 20 thousand dinars

Published the:  14/09/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Friday the government will take measures to lower prices of popular cars from 30 to 20 thousand dinars.

Taking the floor at a national conference on the economic and social orientations of the draft 2019 law (FL), Chahed added that the 2019 FL will include measures to reduce the prices of popular cars for the benefit of middle-income families.

The PM also reviewed the measures and decisions introduced in the 2019 FL as regards enterprises and incentive to private initiative, as well as social measures favouring the reinforcement of the citizen’s purchasing power, undertaking in this regard, to preserve over the next period the citizen’s purchasing power.

In this context, he acknowledged that the measures adopted by the 2017 and 2018 finance laws had an impact on inflation and purchasing power, adding that these measures had been necessary to preserve the major balances of the economy and reduce the public deficit.

Chahed announced, moreover, the increase of 150 Million Dinars (MD) of the amounts allocated to the National Employment Fund (FNE) to improve and expand the State’s intervention field in the employment policy.

As regards inciting youths for private initiative and project creation, he underlined that the State will provide due funding worth 50 MD.

Chahed recalled the success of the municipal elections organisation and setting up of municipal councils, pointing to the poor supervision in municipalities with an average of 11% for the technical staff and 1.7% for acting technicians, deciding to raise this rate to 15.5% over the next three years.

To this end, the Ministry of Local Affairs and the Environment had devised a programme aimed at achieving this objective, which will provide municipalities with specialised staff in several sectors (ICT, engineering, architecture, environment and finance) for the 2019/2022 period.

The programme supports most of the expenses. It also plans to facilitate the transfer of civil servants to central and regional governments and municipalities by providing them with significant incentives of up to 50% of the salary paid for by the same programme.

The programme also provides for the creation of an online job market to help municipalities register their needs and conditions to meet them.

Speaking about the regional aspect during this conference attended by dozens of CEOs and directors-general, presidents of municipal councils and representatives of political parties, the PM decided to double amounts devoted to the regional development programme (without giving details of the amount) and to establish the Bank of Regions in 2019.

The latter, Chahed explained, will play a leading role in supporting regional development by stepping up investment in interior regions and boosting economic initiative, through the establishment of a new financing that meets the investment specificities in these regions