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Strategic council in charge of implementation of national strategies and development plans to meet before end of 2018 (PM)

Published the:  18/09/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Tuesday the next period will see the establishment of a strategic council whose mission will be to implement both national strategies and development plans and whose first meeting will be held before the end of 2018, with a view to monitoring the results of the International Forum on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

Speaking at the opening of the forum, he added that the creation of the council is part of an action plan to be implemented by the government in order to complete the legal and institutional arsenal to strengthen the public-private partnership.

He emphasised that these measures are aimed at improving public service delivery and modernising infrastructure in the economic and social spheres, while strengthening the working mechanisms of the Public-Private Partnership Forum and the law governing the partnership between these two parties, in addition to rooting the culture of partnership, through the implementation of a communication plan aimed at diversifying the sources of project funding.

The Prime Minister considers that the public-private partnership is essential and that it which should not be ignored as an effective instrument to carry out development programmes in the various fields, particularly those related to infrastructure, technological clusters, airports, energy and communication.

He pointed out that the establishment of a legal and institutional system for public-private partnership contracts, including two-year concession contracts, will contribute to the consolidation of the legal mechanisms aimed at stimulating investment and raising the objectives of state development to levels similar to those of the economies of developed countries.

He said that the partnership mechanism between the public and private sectors could contribute to the achievement of two key objectives, namely to provide and diversify public resources in order to reduce the financing of the state budget in addition to capitalising on innovative skills and expertise of the private sector in general, in order to carry out projects in the prescribed terms, to guarantee the quality of the services provided and to boost the public investment.

The Prime Minister stressed the government's determination to pursue the development of the infrastructure (roads, regions, industrial...), in addition to consolidating the development of the technological infrastructure.
Chahed also pointed out that the new Tunisia remains in a period of transition and is striving to build a new democracy, noting that this period is fraught with challenges and that Tunisia has improved its economic indicators and needs more time to boost economic growth