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Chahed: We are doing everything necessary to ensure that elections are held within constitutional deadlines

Published the:  04/10/2018

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(TAP) – We are doing everything necessary to ensure that the legislative and presidential elections are held within constitutional deadlines (2019), promised on Thursday Prime Minister Youssef Chahed.

"Like the previous polls held after the revolution, the 2019 elections will be" free, fair and transparent, "Chahed said at the opening of the National Day of Local Authorities, which was held at the Convention Centre in Tunis.

For him, the success of the municipal elections that took place in May 2018 is a further proof that the country is moving forward, today, with no certainty on the way to the completion of its democratic transition.

"Tunisia is about to start a new phase based on local governance," he said, adding that the success of municipal councilors in their work will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the democratic process in the country.

The prime minister urged presidents and members of municipal councils to "preserve the values of democracy and the Republic while protecting human rights, including the right to freedom of expression and organisation.

"The management of elected municipal councils, in a context of pluralism, is not easy," warned Chahed, saying the government has not opted for the easiest option, but rather for the best that allows to represent the maximum possible political sensitivities within the municipal councils".

Speaking to members of the government, parliamentarians, representatives of political parties, civil society organisations and international donors, Chahed noted that this issue would take time, inviting members of municipal councils "to be patient and to engage in an in-depth dialogue".

"This dialogue will inevitably lead to a consensus allowing the management of the municipalities, which will subsequently promote the necessary stability of the country at all levels," he noted.

He explained that the task of 350 municipalities is difficult, especially in a context of accumulation during this last phase "characterised by the presence of unelected municipal councils.