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Youssef Chahed: Cabinet reshuffle aims to make government action more efficient

Published the:  05/11/2018

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced Monday a cabinet reshuffle that concerned eighteen portfolios: thirteen ministers and five secretaries of state.

Chahed stated that he has made this reshuffle in accordance with the powers entrusted to him by the Constitution to "make government action more efficient".

The approach taken for this reshuffle since the first government announced on August 20, 2016, he said, is based on matching the requirements of competence and ability to serve citizens.

Besides, he added, the dialogue established with the political actors for the constitution of a solidary, coherent and responsible governmental team working to put an end to the current political crisis, to the achievement of the stability of the country and to the settlement of outstanding files.

Issues that relate to the economic and social aspects, he specified.

The "necessary" consultations were initiated before proceeding with the reshuffle, said the Prime Minister, considering that it is "to prepare the country for the next important events by guaranteeing a healthy climate and a clear roadmap".

The next elections to be held in less than a year require the completion of the institutional process and a more effective administration to solve the problems of citizens, said Youssef Chahed.

He commended the ministers and secretaries of state who left the government and who "worked in difficult conditions"