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Chahed/Ould El Bechir talk in Nouakchott: Co-operation relations reviewed

Published the:  06/11/2018

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(TAP special correspondent Aida Hichri) - A meeting was held on Tuesday in Nouakchott between Prime Minister Youssef Chahed and his Mauritanian counterpart Mohamed Salem Ould El Bechir to look at ways to foster bilateral relations in service of the countries’ interests.

On a visit to Mauritania, Chahed affirmed during the meeting Tunisia's willingness to continue optimising political dialogue and security co-ordination to take up posed challenges, notably fight against terrorism.

The prime minister also voiced satisfaction at the level reached by the relations binding the two countries, pointing out the importance of materialising the results of the 18th session of the High Joint Commission.

He also asserted Tunisia’s willingness to make its expertise available to the Mauritania people in various sectors, notably the training of human resources, and to further develop technical co-operation and co-ordination between the two sides to find the necessary funds for joint projects.

The two ministers expressed wish to reach a consensual settlement of the situation of the Mauritanian-Tunisian Telecommunications (Mattel) and the company "Mauritania Airways" in order to overcome the difficulties they face.

They also renewed their support for co-operation in the fields of trade and investment and for the activation of the joint business council, which has not been held since 2008.

Besides, the two PMs voiced wish that the efforts exerted for a political settlement of the Libyan crisis lead to stability and security in Libya.

Chahed is in Nouakchott to co-chair with his Mauritanian opposite number works of the 18th Tunisian-Mauritanian High Joint Commission.

The previous commission which had been held in Tunis in December 2015, had been crowned by the signing of 11 executive co-operation agreements and programs between the two countries