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New members in cabinet line-up winning vote of confidence likely to end political crisis

Published the:  08/11/2018

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(TAP)- New members in the cabinet line-up winning a vote of confidence at the House of People's Representatives is likely "to put an end to the political crisis in the country," said Spokesperson for the government Iyed Dehmani.

The government is committed to respecting the Constitution and State institutions, said Dehmani on Thursday afternoon at a news briefing in La Kasbah during which he outlined the decisions announced at a cabinet meeting.

The Spokesperson declined to comment on the President of the Republic's news conference.

The creation of new ministries took centre stage at Thursday's cabinet meeting to avoid a legal controversy, he said.

Commenting on Chahed picks possibly not getting a vote of confidence, Dahamni said the government is committed to abiding by the provisions of the Constitution and the decisions of constitutional institutions