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Economic recovery, top priority of government in 2019, says PM

Published the:  15/11/2018

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(TAP)- Achieving economic recovery, stimulating growth and investment and boosting economic indicators are the top priorities of the government in 2019, Preimer Youssef Chahed Thursday said.

Chahed told attendees of the 22nd edition of Futurallia forum, which Tunisia is hosting on November 14-16 under the motto "Future Partners to Grow Stronger," action will centre around the promotion of manufacturing sectors, agriculture and tourism. To this end, several incentives were instituted under the 2019 Finance Bill.

The economic programme that the government is putting into implementation is meant to generate new jobs and help young people set up on their own account through an exceptional funding for the employment and start-up funds.

Tunisia wants to create a business-friendly climate and provide a revamped legislation that takes into account rules of economic competition, good governance and fight against monopoly and corruption.

Tunisia also seeks to contain the fiscal deficit at 3.9% and further bring the trade deficit under control which will help improve the Dinar exchange rate.

The Prime Minister shed light on a number of large-scale projects that will be carried out next year, including the bridge of Bizerte, Enfidha deepwater port (Sousse) and Tunis-Jelma highway.

Nearly 650 business managers from over 30 countries are taking part in Futurallia 2018 organised by CONECT International