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Because of political crisis, Tunisia was unable to achieve high growth rate," says Chahed

Published the:  25/11/2018

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(TAP) - "Because of the political crisis, Tunisia was unable to achieve a high growth rate this year," Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said late on Sunday evening.

"No one can deny the impact of this crisis on growth indices. We should have achieved a better growth rate," he pointed out at the general debate on the draft state budget and the draft budget law for the year 2019, at the end of the presentation of the government statement.

"Although the year 2019 is difficult, it is still possible to change things, once confidence in the value of work is restored," he said, considering it essential to "find the consensus needed to overcome difficulties.

"My hand is still outstretched to all parties to engage in dialogue and iron out difficulties," he indicated.

From the rostrum of the Bardo Palace, Youssef Chahed emphasised the urgency of examining bills submitted to parliament, noting that many of these are financial in nature.

He also pointed to the increase in the budgets allocated to many departments, namely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has benefited from a 20% increase.

The budgets allocated to the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence for the year 2019 totaled 6 billion dinars, i.e. an increase of 900 million dinars over the year 2018, Chahed pointed out.

"These funds were reserved for these departments at the expense of other sectors," he said.

The mobilisation of these funds is motivated by the eagerness to ensure national security, border security and the fight against terrorism which are the main concern of the government, he said.

"The government has also increased the amount of compensation for families of martyrs from security and military institutions," he added.

The House of People's Representatives is expected to continue Monday the discussion of different chapters of the state budget and vote allocations, before considering and adopting the draft budget law for the year 2019.

It should then begin consideration of draft budgets of the Parliament, the Presidency of the Republic and the Prime Ministry