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It is obvious that governments issued from parliamentary legitimacy do not conduct a coup" (Youssef Chahed)

Published the:  24/11/2018

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed affirmed on Saturday commitment to the democratic process, out of conviction that power lies with the people who exercise it through their representatives.

He insisted on the commitment to consolidate this approach “regardless of those who consider that the return to the constitutional legitimacy and the vote of the people’s representatives is a form of a putsch. In fact, those are defending their own interests and consider that to implement the Constitution and counter corruption is an attempted putsch,” he pointed out.  

“It is obvious that governments issued from parliamentary legitimacy do not conduct a coup,” he said at the opening of the budget debates at the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) to present the Government Declaration. “Why a government that enjoys broad prerogatives seeks to conduct a coup? ... “This government is and will remain attached to the constitutional legitimacy,” he pointed out.

“I do affirm the government’s commitment as part of its prerogatives, to take all the necessary measures to ensure the success of the forthcoming national elections and consolidate the democratic edifice, by endeavouring to provide all the support to the electoral authority and by speeding up the setting up of the Constitutional Court,” he added.

In another connection, Youssef Chahed indicated that with the parliament’s adoption of the latest Cabinet reshuffle “we have overcome the political crisis that could have led the country to the unknown.” “Today, the crisis has been resolved in accordance with the Constitution and democratic mechanisms,” he affirmed.

However, several sides who do not want to admit that the crisis is over, unfortunately continue to infest the political situation and block the democratic process and this is far from unduly impeding the government’s action, he said.

At the beginning of his address, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the presidential guards killed in a terrorist attack on November 24, 2015 downtown Tunis