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Chahed says new development scheme cannot be built without giving prominence to ICT

Published the:  24/11/2018

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(TAP) - The new development scheme cannot be built without giving prominence to new technologies and digitising the Tunisian administration, said Premier Youssef Chahed.

The government will seek to reduce VAT rates for high speed internet services from 19% to 7% in a bid to bridge the digital gap and ensure general high-speed Internet access, the Premier Saturday told MPs at a plenary session of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) devoted to the draft State budget and the finance bill for 2019.

Fees in relation to enrolment procedures in educational institutions will be exempt from VAT and communications taxes, he added.

The 2019 finance bill includes measures to expand e-invoicing for transactions in connection to hydrocarbons and medicines, the purpose being to secure transparency and better manage the subsidy scheme.

The Prime Minister also said the Tunisian administration needs to be modernised and digitised. Civil servants have played a key role since 2011 in guaranteeing the continuity of the State in spite of the difficult situation, he underscored.

The use of online payment receipt is one in a string of measures in the 2019 finance bill. Different actors in the public spending process are likewise entitled to use dematerialised payment