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Government takes measures to combat tax evasion and reduce cash transactions (Youssef Chahed)

Published the:  24/11/2018

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(TAP) - The draft 2019 Finance Law (FL) provides for 11 measures to combat tax evasion, including the obligation to supply the bank and tax account numbers with the declaration of patent and annual declarations, announced Prime Minister Youssef Chahed.

Presenting the Government Declaration to the House of People’s Representatives on Saturday, Chahed added that the impacts of the planned measures remain limited, if the challenge of rationalising cash transactions will not be met. Emphasis will be laid on the provision of tax services, a database related to bank and postal accounts.

The 2019 FL also provides for guaranteeing a traceability mechanism for certain products through the establishment of a specific legal framework, particularly with regard to medicines, subsidised products, tobacco and beverages.

Besides, the PM indicated that the administrative services related to the legalisation of the signature and the registration at the tax departments of the contracts of sale of properties, businesses and vehicles, must include a document mentioning the bank or postal payment for amounts over 10 thousand dinars.

"From now on, nobody will be able to buy real estate whose prices amount to billions by paying in cash, because the administration will refuse the registration of the contract or the legalisation of the signature if the concerned person does not justify the payment by banking and postal means," he specified.

Chahed also laid emphasis on the importance of fighting tax evasion, parallel economy and trade in the country's war against corruption