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Cabinet meeting: Improving Tunisia's ranking in "Doing Business" report reviewed

Published the:  05/12/2018

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(TAP) - The Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, reviewed the results of implementation of the final recommendations aimed at improving Tunisia's ranking in the Doing Business report (prepared by the World Bank) for the year 2018 and the targets set for 2020, as well as the priorities for the year 2019.

The meeting has also adopted four draft government decrees. The first concerns the amendment and completion of the Government Decree No. 161 for the year 2017, of January 31, 2017, relating to the establishment of conditions to qualify for the first home programme.

This decree has also been amended and supplemented by Government Decree No. 391 for the year 2017, dated March 28, 2017.

The second decree provides for the granting to the management company of the industrial and technological complex of Tozeur, the advantages stipulated by articles 51 bis and 52 bis of the Code of Incentives to the Investments.

The third decree concerns the appointment of a member to the control body of the bank deposit guarantee fund. The last decree aims at the modification of the decree n ° 1120 for the year 1995 dated June 28th, 1995, relating to the organisation of the National School of the National Guard and Civil Protection and the fixing of its mission.

Other organic bills have been adopted by the cabinet meeting. It involves the approval of two agreements, one of which concerns the international land transport of persons and goods between Tunisia and Guinea and the second on cooperation in the field of maritime transport and ports between Tunisia and Djibouti.

The meeting also examined projects in the digital transition sector in Tunisia and the creation of a commission within the Prime Ministry, in charge of monitoring developments and programmes in the field of digital transition at the level of the administration and in the area of development of the digitization of financial and banking transactions