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Two regulatory decrees related to anti-corruption law to be promulgated shortly (Youssef Chahed)

Published the:  08/12/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said on Saturday that two regulatory decrees related to the 2017 Law n°. 10 on the reporting of corruption and the protection of whistleblowers will be promulgated, shortly.

Addressing the 3rd National Anti-Corruption Congress, organised December 7-8, at the initiative of the National Anti-Corruption Authority (INLUCC), Chahed asserted the government's commitment to forge ahead on the path of countering corruption and establish governance. He assured that the various stakeholders; Government, civil society, media and international organisations will continue to exert efforts to this end in a spirit of co-operation and partnership.

The PM expressed conviction that fight against corruption is one of the conditions for the establishment of the rule of law and the consolidation of the democratic process, recalling the undeniable number of bills related to fight against corruption and reinforcement of governance submitted to the parliament and adopted since the government has taken office.

The Tunisian people who managed to lay the foundation of a democratic regime and adopt a constitution guaranteeing rights and freedoms and promoting a pluralistic political life, aspire today to build a society free of corruption, nepotism and embezzlement, he argued.

Since the adoption of the bill on Reporting Corruption and Whistleblower Protection, the INLUCC has repeatedly called for the promulgation of two regulatory decrees under the same law to activate the operation of corruption reporting and encourage it and to protect whistleblowers.

These texts give incentives to the structures in charge of corruption prevention, define the mechanisms and criteria for awarding rewards to whistleblowers who have managed to prevent corruption crimes in the public sector, to disclose perpetrators and to return embezzled funds.

INLUCC President Chawki Tabib for his part said that Tunisia is making “firm” steps on the path of governance and fight against corruption, adding that many achievements have been made in this regard at both the institutional and legislative levels.

During the opening session of the meeting, partnership agreements were signed between the INLUCC and municipalities