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Make of Tunisia platform for production and export of Korean products to Europe and Africa (Chahed)

Published the:  19/12/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed pointed out on Wednesday the need to expand the scope of co-operation with South Korea so as to make of Tunisia a regional platform for production and export of Korean products to European, Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan countries.

Chahed also said in his opening speech of the Tunisian-Korean Economic Forum organised on Wednesday in Tunis, Tunisia’s willingness to establish a long-term strategic co-operation with South Korea.

He also affirmed the government's willingness to conclude with South Korea a preferential trade agreement that introduces tariff reductions on defined lists of goods in order to step up trade between the two countries.

The PM invited the Korean businessmen to invest in Tunisia and to make the most of the tax advantages listed in the investment law, asserting the government’s commitment to facilitate the opening of the Tunisian business market to Korean and Asian businessmen.

He also urged the national enterprises to foster partnerships with their Korean counterparts and identify joint investment opportunities that can help reduce Tunisia's trade deficit with South Korea.

Taking the floor, South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon affirmed his country's willingness to develop bilateral relations with Tunisia in the fields of infrastructure, renewable energy and setting up of SMEs.

He emphasized the importance of developing the ICT sector in Tunisia, pointing out the launch in July 2018 of the pilot project on the use of drones for better management of development projects in the agricultural sector.

This project, which is due to end in April 2019, will focus on agricultural operations in Sidi Bouzid governorate.

It is the Korean KOAFEC fund, administered by the African Development Bank (AfDB), which will finance this project by means of nearly $1 million-donation.

This pilot project aims to collect via drones, data related to the agricultural sector to improve, in particular, the management and monitoring of irrigated perimeters, integrated agricultural and rural development, the rational management of water resources and the monitoring of aquifers, the management of natural resources (land, plant cover, agricultural land use ...), the effects of climate change, land degradation, biodiversity, the rate of filling and silting of dams in addition to monitoring the agricultural seasons and production.

As part of Tunisian-South Korean co-operation, the Korean official spoke of the conduct of a feasibility study of photovoltaic power plants in the South and the project to set up the "e-people" system to encourage civil participation and fight against corruption (2015-2018).

The Tunisian-Korean Economic Forum is organised in materialisation of the recommendations of the Tunisian-South Korean Joint Commission (April 2018, Seoul).