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Chahed proposes to change periodicity of governors’ conference [Upd 1]

Published the:  22/12/2018

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced on Saturday that the frequency of the Conference of Governors will be changed from biannual to bimonthly, specifying that the next session will be held in February 2019.

In a speech at the opening of the Governors' Conference at the Aouina National Guard Barracks, the Prime Minister stressed the need to strengthen ongoing coordination between Governors and members of the Government in order to address the challenges related to security and the fight against terrorism, organised crime and smuggling.

"Members of the government are at the disposal of governors to help them solve the problems of the delay in the implementation of development projects in the regions," he said, adding that the prerogatives of governors will be revised to make their work more effective in the implementation of development projects.

According to Chahed, the government will allocate 350 million dinars at the beginning of next January to carry out projects such as housing redevelopments, job creation and several other regional development projects.

With regard to the fight against price increases, which he considers to be a top priority at this time, the PM called on the Governors to monitor and personally address this issue, including through field work, market visits and coordination with the Ministry of Trade to bring prices down as soon as possible.

The Governor, he stressed, is called upon to closely monitor citizens' concerns and to supervise development programmes and the progress of projects.

Chahed also stressed the need for governors to listen to the concerns of residents, to find appropriate solutions to their problems and to anticipate the climate of social tension in order to prevent it from being exploited by political parties.

He affirmed the government's commitment to implementing the decisions of the National Price Control Commission and to taking the necessary precautions in anticipation of the cold snap and climate change.

The Prime Minister also stressed the importance of working to address security challenges and maintain vigilance at all levels, particularly in border regions, stressing that his Government had conducted an assessment of Governors' actions.

For his part, Governor of Kasserine Samir Boukadida stated in a press statement that "the security situation in the region is stable if the last two terrorist operations are excluded", adding that the investigation into the two operations is ongoing and will require some adjustments to address the shortcomings.

Regarding the succession of bank branch robberies in the region, the Governor urged these institutions to take the necessary measures to ensure their own security in addition to the responsibility of public security, particularly with regard to border protection.

As for the Governor of Jendouba, Mohamed Sedki Bouaoun, he indicated that several mock operations have been organised to prepare properly for the climatic conditions of this period, which will be marked by the massive influx of Algerian tourists in the region. This is in addition to the preparations undertaken within the framework of the Regional Commission for the Fight against Natural Disasters.

The work of the conference of governors continues this Saturday under the chairmanship of Minister of the Interior, Hichem Fourati. The conference is being held in the presence of the Ministers of Finance, Development and International Investment, Trade and Social Affairs. It is also attended by the Minister Counsellor to the Prime Minister, responsible for monitoring public projects and programmes, and the Secretary General of the Government