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Cabinet meeting approves two bills and 11 government decrees

Published the:  09/01/2019

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(TAP) - The Cabinet meeting chaired Wednesday at El Kasbah by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed has approved two bills and 11 draft government decrees.

The first draft law creates exceptional procedures for the re-classification of internal security forces officers among retired, deceased and reinstated agents in 2011, who are affected by the provisions of Article 52 of Law No. 2014-54 of August 19, 2014, relating to the supplementary finance law of 2014.

The second bill concerns the adoption of the agreement between the Republic of Tunisia and the Federal Republic of Germany to avoid the double taxation on income and wealth.

The Cabinet meeting also approved seven draft government decrees related to the delimitation of the boundaries of the following municipalities: Bachri-Fatnassa of Kebili governorate, Sidi Thabet and Kalâat el-Andalous of Ariana governorate, El Bassatine of Manouba governorate, Baten El Ghazel, Sidi Ali Ben Aoun and Regueb of the governorate of Sidi Bouzid.

On the other hand, the Cabinet adopted a draft government decree laying down the conditions and procedures of the reservation of a company name, a draft government decree governing the administrative and financial organisation of the national business register centre and a draft government decree establishing a ministerial committee and a general secretariat of maritime affairs.

It also approved a draft government decree setting the conditions and modes of granting repayable funding under the resources of the fund for the promotion of crafts and small trades.

In addition, the Cabinet reviewed reports on the implementation of a roadmap and the government's priorities for 2019, as well as the projects of the Department of Public Works, Housing and Spatial Planning and those of the Health Department