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Chahed meets AMT delegation

Published the:  06/02/2019

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(TAP) - President of the Association of Tunisian Magistrates (AMT) Anes Hmaidi called, on Tuesday at the end of a meeting between Prime Minister Youssef Chahed and an AMT delegation, for the need to “establish permanent relations between structures representing the judges and the Prime Ministry on the one hand, and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Prime Ministry on the other."

Hamaidi was quoted as saying in a Prime Ministry press release, that the meeting had been “fruitful and positive” and that the delegation had found “a great response” on the part of the PM which is expected to be “materialised in the coming days.”

“The meeting aslo offered the occasion to review several issues related to the judiciary, notably the Finance Law and Article 19 of the budget recently adopted by the House of People’s Representatives,” he added.

Hamaidi pointed out during the meeting "the need to speed up the promulgation of basic laws on the financial and administrative independence," specifying that Chahed “welcomed the proposal