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Chahed: "Tunisia has been able to contain terrorist threat, but zero risk does not exist”

Published the:  04/03/2019

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said on Monday "Tunisia has been able to contain the terrorist threat" and "the security situation has improved significantly over the last three years."

He cited, in this vein, the 2015 Bardo and Sousse terrorist attacks which had a negative impact on tourism and economy.

Speaking on the sidelines of his participation in the meeting of the Arab Interior and Justice Ministers’ Council, Chahed said Tunisia has invested heavily in the areas of security and military through including the promotion of human resources, the acquisition of adequate logistics equipment and operational anticipation.

“However, Zero risk does not exist,” he added.

Chahed said all countries, including the most development and that have a state-of-the-art security device have not been spared, prompting us to be constantly alert and vigilant, especially amid “changing terrorist threats.”

He recalled the thwarting by security units last week of a terrorist plan targeting 19 public figures, by intercepting letters containing toxic substances addressed to them.

The Prime Minister called for strengthening, more than ever before, regional and international co-operation in the fight against terrorism, through agreements and memoranda of co-operation for better technical coordination and better exchange of intelligence.

To a question about Tunisians returning from conflict zones, Chahed said "their return raises the level of terrorist threat, which requires increased vigilance".

All countries in the region are aware of the terrorist threat and the imperative of working together to fight this scourge, he added.

Tunisia is hosting the joint meeting of the Councils of Arab Ministers of the Interior and Justice, which is being held on March 3-4, in the presence of Secretary General of the League of Arab States and more than 40 Arab Interior and Justice Ministers