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Chahed launches social coverage programme for half million rural women

Published the:  08/03/2019

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(TAP)- Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced Friday the launch of the programme "Ahmini" (protect me) that guarantees social coverage for half a million rural women, including clam collectors, through a system that takes into account the particularity of their activities and their financial capabilities.

The programme will allow this category of women to enjoy several advantages including healthcare and the retirement pension, according to a Prime Ministry press release.

Chairing a Cabinet Meeting devoted to women on the celebration of the International Women's Day, Chahed also authorised the non-organised public transporters to transport female farmers out of their activity areas, according to the conditions that will be set later on by the Transport Ministry, so that to guarantee the safety conditions and preserve the dignity of women working in the agricultural sector.

He also decided to draft a bill providing for extending the paid-maternity-leave, granting a prenatal leave and a paternity leave.

Besides, the Cabinet adopted the decree on the creation of the national observatory of combating violence against women and the amendment of the code of Tunisian nationality to regularise the situation of children born abroad to Tunisian mothers and who have not yet got the Tunisian nationality