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Premier announces package of measures for people with special needs and low income groups

Published the:  19/03/2019

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, on Tuesday, announced a set of financial and social measures for people with special needs and low income.

The announcement was made at a study day on the theme "social interventions" held by the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Social Affairs at the headquarters of the International Centre for Research, Studies, Documentation and Training on Disability “Basma” in Gammarth.

Regarding social measures, Chahed decided to strengthen human resources in public social institutions through hiring 230 staffers and managers in the requested specialties.

He has also decided to recruit 400 officers and executives for the benefit of the specialised education centers included under the collective sector-based agreement for employees working in associations for the protection of persons with disabilities.

Chahed has announced that school children from needy families will benefit from free urban transport from the 2019-2020 school year.

The state will also pay the debts of associations for the protection of disabled people to the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), estimated at 500 thousand dinars, he pointed out.

Among the other decisions, granting thirty buses suited for the disabled (30 seats), increase by 50 dinars the monthly subsidy given to people with disabilities within the framework of the programmes of "contract of initiation to professional life" and "Voluntary Civil Service Contract (CVS)", without taking into consideration the conditions of the job application for the first time and the period of unemployment.

A monthly training grant of 60 dinars will be allocated to female learners with disability from needy families enrolled in rural girls' centres, under the Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training (ATFP).

Young people who have left the reeducation centers for juvenile delinquents wishing to pursue vocational training or studies will benefit from a monthly subsidy of 60 dinars, while those wishing to pursue an apprenticeship will benefit from a subsidy of 80 dinars.

These young people will have the opportunity to set up their own business by receiving the benefits of the young entrepreneurs support programme.

The Prime Minister also decided to generalise, by 2020, the re-development of all urban transport stations to facilitate access for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities wishing to create micro-projects will be exempted from the self-financing of bank credits.

"A funding line will be launched as part of the budget of the Ministry of Social Affairs to support efforts to promote the economic and social integration of vulnerable groups," he announced.

The Prime Minister said a line of credit will also be launched as part of the 2020 state budget, under the micro-project programme for needy and low-income families and their children, in partnership with the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment, the ministry in charge of social and solidarity economy, the Tunisian Solidarity Bank (BTS) and the microcredit financing associations.

Regarding measures specific to social affiliates, the Prime Minister announced the revision of industrial accidents and occupational diseases benefits in the private sector for nearly 15,000 beneficiaries.

Chahed reported an amnesty of moratory interest under real estate loans granted by the CNSS and the National Social Security Retirement Fund (CNRPS) as well as the cancellation of interest on university loans.

The divorced woman who lost her right to health coverage as a spouse will continue to receive health benefits, he said.

The Prime Minister also reported the preparation of a draft law to establish a platform favorable to social protection to ensure a minimum income, comprehensive health coverage, decent housing for vulnerable groups and older people and people with specific needs besides, improving the services of social security systems.

Regarding social measures for children without support, Chahed announced that nearly 10,000 children will benefit from free kindergarten registration, in addition to earmarking a budget of 5MD for the development of 11 integrated youth and child centres, 24 childhood complexes and 26 children's clubs.

The value of the monthly subsidy allocated to temporary foster families of children without support will be raised from 100 to 200 dinars from April, while the subsidy to children with disability and without support will be set at 300 dinars, he indicated.

Aid worth 50 dinars per child will be given to needy, low-income families with children with severe disabilities, Chahed announced, noting that the Ministry of Agriculture's services have been tasked with redeveloping the agricultural farm under the Essnad centre in Sidi Thabet.