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Youssef Chahed announces series of measures to benefit municipal authorities

Published the:  26/03/2019

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced on Tuesday a series of measures for municipalities in the fields of digitisation, investment and human and financial resources.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister presided over a ceremony to hand over 534 cleaning devices and equipment to 158 municipalities at a total cost of 90 million dinars.

Chairing the works of a meeting on the theme "For municipalities active in the service of local development", Youssef Chahed announced the launch of the first issue of the official Gazette of local authorities whose mission will be to publish municipal by-laws.

He also announced the launch of the first local government portal, a new electronic communication channel between the citizen and the municipality.

In another connection, the PM pledged to complete the establishment of the High Authority on Local Finance by the end of June 2019 and to include the Support Fund for Decentralisation, Regularisation, Adjustment and Solidarity among Local Authorities in the 2020 Finance Act.

Besides, Youssef Chahed announced that the State subsidy to local authorities will be increased by 10% per year over the next few years. He indicated that his firm is currently working on the development of a tripartite financial reform plan for local authorities for the period 2020-2022.

"A reform commission will be set up in the Prime Ministry for this purpose," he went on saying.

As regards investment, Youssef Chahed pointed out that the Prime Ministry had allocated 855 million dinars to accelerate the integration of rural areas into the municipal system, citing in this regard the granting of 380 million dinars to some 85 newly created municipalities.

"In the next period, state-owned land will be sold to a few municipalities for the symbolic dinar," he said.

In the human resources component, 486 executives were assigned to new municipalities and 299 to existing municipalities.

These recruitments are intended to support the capacities of municipalities, Chahed said, who also mentioned the programme to support and diversify training programmes for advisors and municipal officials. This programme should benefit 10,000 advisors and agents for the period from June 2019 to June 2020.

The two-day meeting, organised by the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment, will focus on ways to improve the performance of municipalities and their contribution to local development through attracting investment and strengthening human resources in the context of decentralisation.

The first day was marked by the signing of several cooperation agreements with institutions, training centres, universities, professional organisations and associations. The second day of the meeting will be devoted to field visits to learn about ongoing municipal and environmental projects.

The meeting was attended by government officials, MPs and civil society representatives, as well as municipal advisors and international partners