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Chahed kicks off project to divert treated wastewater through sea outfall

Published the:  27/03/2019

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, on Wednesday, kicked off in Borj Touil in Raoued, Governorate of Ariana a project to divert wastewater treated in sanitation plants in Northern Tunis into the sea.

This project, costing 125 million dinars, will come into operation at the end of April 2019.

The Prime Minister said this project will reduce pollution in the beaches of Gammarth, Raoued and El Hessian and improve the quality of life of citizens in the northern suburbs of Tunis, by stopping dumping treated water in El Khlij wadi and Raoued beach and their diversion through a 6-km-long sea outfall.

Chahed pointed out that nearly 80 million m3 per year of treated water coming from the sanitation plant of Northern Tunis will be used in the irrigated area of Borj Touil (3,000 hectares) to increase irrigated agricultural production, in order to mobilise non-traditional water resources.

He assured that such projects will be generalised to the different regions of the country, including Gabes and Sousse