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First start up label to be launched on April 5 (Chahed)

Published the:  02/04/2019

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(TAP) – “A group of young creators are candidates for obtaining the first startup label that will be launched on April 5,” Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced at the opening of the 3rd Tunisia Digital Summit, April 2-3 in Tunis.

 Chahed further announced the launch on April 20 of the “LABES” Vital Card for e-care that will help the socially insured people to benefit from online services and to monitor the progress of their files. Over 900 thousand “social cards” destined to poor families are also being made, he added.

Digital transformation is currently the priority of the government that endeavours to set up an economic model based on innovation and creativity, he pointed out, citing in this respect a set of measures taken during the past years such as enhancing the law through promulgation of the startup act and upcoming adoption of the digital code by a cabinet meeting.

The goal is to create a favourable eco-system for Tunisian startups and internationalisation of services.

The 2019 Finance Law included 19 to 7% reduction of the VAT on phone and internet services so as to reduce the costs for consumers and to generalise the use of ICT, Chahed recalled.

In order to counter corruption and tax evasion, it will no longer be possible to pay in cash starting from 10 thousand as from June 1, he added.

Besides, a follow-up committee has been set up to control the progress made in digital transformation projects in all ministries, he said, stressing that the gap between developed and developing countries can only be resolved today through digitalisation, given the fact that Tunisia has a highly qualified human potential in the digital field.

Chahed further noted that as from September all public purchases will be digitised and will be made in the online public purchasing system “TUNEPS”.

In the education field, the Premier stressed that over 900 thousand secondary school students had last year enrolled remotely and some 2 million primary to secondary school students will do so this year.

In the health field, Chahed indicated that over 100 million dinars will be devoted to a new programme for appointment booking remotely that will kick off this April, in addition to the start of telemedicine in the upcoming days in some hospitals.

The automatic drug distribution will also help reduce the cost of drugs by 30% in addition to the digitalisation of medical files and other digitalisation projects, he added.

The PM reaffirmed on this occasion the government’s firm willingness to support the digital economy sector and digital transformation. However, the digitalisation is facing a lot of resistance on behalf of the administration, he specified.

In this respect, Minister of Technologies, Communication and Digital Economy Anouar Maarouf stressed that the digital transformation is a joint responsibility (public and private enterprises, civil society and even citizens).

Maarouf highlighted the importance of digital transformation in improving competitiveness and ensure transparency.

Some 1,000 business leaders , decision-makers, start uppers, students and technologies experts are taking part in this third edition