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Chahed at opening of annual LIPI conference: Need to iron out difficulties hindering action of independent public authorities

Published the:  05/04/2019

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(TAP) – Despite the positive results achieved by the independent public authorities in their fields of action and the government’s efforts to iron out the difficulties, these authorities are facing challenges that require a joint action to overcome them, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed indicated Friday.

Chairing on Friday the opening of the first annual conference of the League of Independent Public Authorities (LIPI), under the theme: “Citizenship brings us together,” Chahed added that the major challenge to be taken up is to create a favourable public opinion for the main goals defended by these authorities, namely the promotion of a democratic culture and the success of the transition experience.

These authorities, he added, should also take up the challenge of financial, structural and functional autonomy, which requires setting up well-defined procedures by the financial commission, helping it arbitrate the conflicts between one of these authorities and the Finance Ministry during the drafting of their budget.

These independent authorities should be able to ensure an optimum management of human resources guarantor of their skill and independence, the PM added.

According to him, the other challenge consists in the efficiency to achieve tasks entrusted to these authorities through the activation of their advisory role. The executive and legal powers must undertake to submit to these authorities the draft law concerning them, Chahed insisted.

Besides, the sustainability of these authorities should be ensured through the finalisation of laws whose promulgation is inherent to the execution of some constitutional provisions, while seeing to it to finish off the legal framework of independent constitutional authorities by respecting the transparency rules so as to reinforce the citizens’ confidence in these authorities, Chahed pointed out.

The latter insisted that the standard-setting helping these authorities fulfill their activities normally should be completed, assuring that the government will spare no effort to iron out the difficulties and ensure all the available means for their benefit.

The adopted approach, he affirmed, consists in reinforcing confidence between the government and the independent authorities by giving priority to consultation and partnership and supporting the independence of these authorities.

The PM announced that a technical commission had been created within the services of Relations with Constitutional Authorities, Civil Society and Human Rights at the General Directorate of constitutional Authorities to co-ordinate between these authorities.

It is made up of representatives of each authority with a rotating presidency between its members.