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Circular issued to ensure gender equality in all governmental and functional posts (Chahed)

Published the:  24/04/2019

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(TAP) – "A circular was issued to ensure gender equality in all governmental and functional posts,” said Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on Wednesday at the opening of the Forum on Gender Equality, held April 24-26 in Tunis.

The circular stipulates the need to propose a man and a woman for each governmental or functional posts so as to increase the presence of women in decision-making posts and in representative structures, the Premier pointed out.

Chahed further highlighted the importance to apply all laws guaranteeing gender equality, stressing that Tunisia is among the few Arab-Muslim countries to make important steps in terms of equality.

The PM also called on the civil society components to support the government’s efforts in law implementation, estimating that democratic transition cannot be achieved without enhancing women’s role.

Gender equality at the remuneration level and access to labour are important, he said, indicating that choosing Tunisia to host this global event is recognition to its efforts in terms of equality and women’s rights.

In this respect, he recalled the main measures made by Tunisia during the past years such as the adoption of law on the elimination of violence against women, the extension of the maternity leave, the amendment of the Nationality Code, the creation of the peers council for equal opportunities between men and women and the guarantee of the social welfare for rural women.

He also recalled that the percentage of female higher-graduates amounts to 65%, women with doctorate degree (69%), research women (55%) and women accepted in the Higher Magistrates' Institute in 2018 (80%).

Tunisia also accounts for 73 women MPs out of 217, that is 33% against a global rate of 24%.

Chahed highlighted the need to draft a global strategy to ensure gender equality, a vector of development.

Over 500 high-level officials from all continents are taking on April 24-26, in this forum to discuss the integration of the gender aspect in the planning and budgetary process of the national and local development and the specific implementation of interventions to provide women with ways to serve the sustainable development catalyst in all of its aspects: cultural, social, economic and environmental