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Distribution of smart social security cards for poor and low-income families starts

Published the:  13/05/2019

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(TAP) - The distribution of the first smart social security cards for the benefit of poor and low-income families as part of the implementation of the social security programme started on Monday morning in El Kabariya, Tunis.

Social Affairs Minister Mohamed Trabelsi said the smart social security card will now replace the white and yellow health care bulletins (free and reduced cost) and will allow poor and low-income families to have a unique social identifier to benefit from occasional and permanent assistance.

Speaking to reporters, the minister stressed the importance of this card that will also help better know the conditions of poor and low-income families as it includes 154 data on their economic and social lives and to guarantee transparency and effectiveness of targeted interventions.

The social security programme concerns, in fact, about 900,000 poor and limited-income families, which stands at 24.5% of the total population of Tunisia.

These include 285,000 families benefiting from the National Poor Family Assistance Programme and free health care bulletins, as well as 620,000 families with low-cost care bulletins spread across the country.

Besides, the programme targets families with children, elderly people and people with disabilities who cannot work and do not have access to public health, education and other services.

Chairing the launch of the operation, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed pointed out that the smart social security card will help fight fraud, considering that it is a revolutionary programme that will introduce a qualitative change in the social security system.

He said that a detailed social survey had been conducted before the distribution of these cards, taking into account the needs and means of poor families and by providing them social assistance.

He added that the same approach will be adopted to deliver the rest of the cards to their beneficiaries by the end of the current year.

In this regard, Chahed recalled that the social allowance specific to poor families has been raised to 180 dinars (minimum threshold) and 220 dinars (maximum threshold) against 150 dinars before with an additional 10 dinars for each schooled child (3 children maximum) and 20 dinars for each child with a disability card