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El Ghriba’s Pilgrimage: Chahed chairs conference on living together

Published the:  22/05/2019

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(TAP) - "Tunisia is among leading countries in upholding cultural diversity and civilisational plurality as a vector of interaction and sharing, while respecting the cultural and civilisational specificities,” Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Wednesday in Djerba.

At an international conference on living together, held at the opening of the annual Jewish pilgrimage to El Ghriba, Chahed reiterated Tunisia's commitment to spread the values ​​of tolerance, to protect the religious heritage against any attack, prohibiting blasphemy and countering incitement to hatred and violence.

He said that participation in the festivities of the Ghriba pilgrimage is the best proof of the openness of the Tunisian people and their attachment to their history of coexistence between different religions.

Djerba is a singular experience in terms of coexistence between religions and tolerance.

It is a strong message to the world, conveying a positive image of Tunisia as a democratic country, open to its Mediterranean and African environment as well as to all cultures, the Prime Minister pointed out.

Chahed stressed that the pilgrimage to El Ghriba will kick off a promising and exceptional tourist season, noting that nine million tourists are expected to visit the country this year, with an increase of 3.5 million tourists in the last three years.

A documentary recounting the history of the Ghriba Synagogue, the peculiarity of its architectural style and the legends that have been woven over the years around this ancestral place of worship was screened at the conference.

The conference, chaired by the Prime Minister, saw the presence of the Minister of Tourism, the Chief Rabbi of Tunisia, the president of the Jewish community in Tunisia and the Vice-President of the Conference of European Rabbis, Lewin Moshe.

"Tunisia and more specifically Djerba is an exceptional example of living together," said Moshe, considering the participation of the Prime Minister in the festivities of Jews in El Ghriba as a strong message of tolerance, respect and living together.

"Living together requires openness to others and the creation of a bridge, not the building of walls, not to mention the development of bonds of brotherhood and cooperation. It's a very feasible dream,” said Moshe.

The official celebrations of El Ghriba pilgrimage begin this afternoon in the synagogue in the Erriadh neighbourhood, ​​Djerba, where an "Iftar Al Oukhouwa" a fast-breaking meal under the sign of fraternity, will be offered