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Political and diplomatic figures at Ghriba say Tunisia sets example of tolerance and respect for freedom of religion

Published the:  23/05/2019

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(TAP) - Political and diplomatic figures at the beginning of the pilgrimage to the synagogue of Ghriba in Djerba said Tunisia has set the example in terms of tolerance, respect for freedom of religion and co-existence , as many values defended in the evening of Wednesday by visitors to the Ghriba.

Minister of Religious Affairs Ahmed Adhoum said the annual meeting is a message on the nature of Tunisia, a country of diversity, tolerance and cordiality, advocated by Islam.

Adhoum noted that his department covers all religions and not only Islam, hence his presence at this important event.

For his part, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister René Trabelsi indicated that Djerba remains a land of tolerance, openness and sharing that welcomes its visitors in a friendly atmosphere, adding that this year's celebrations of the Ghriba take a particular dimension insofar as they coincide with the month of Ramadan.

He said that the return of visitors to the Ghriba reflects the restoration of confidence in the destination Tunisia and the Tunisian State and its government, commending the efforts exerted by the police to face the security challenges with all the vigilance required.

Tunisia counts on all its children wherever they are and whatever their religion for its edification process, he further said.

United Kingdom’s ambassador in Tunis Louise de Sousa expressed admiration to see Muslim Tunisians participate alongside their Jewish fellow citizens in the festivities of the Ghriba during the month of Ramadan, adding that Tunisia sends to the whole world a strong message of tolerance advocating respect for the freedom of belief.

On another note, the diplomat pointed out that according to forecasts, the number of tourists who will visit Tunisia this year will exceed 200 thousand, against 125 thousand the previous year.

This recovery can be explained by the lifting of the travel restrictions on the destination Tunisia and thanks to the efforts exerted by the Tunisian authorities and the co-ordination and co-operation work undertaken between Tunisia and the United Kingdom.

President of the Ghriba Pilgrimage Committee Pérez Trabelsi stressed that the annual Ghriba pilgrimage confirms the Tunisian Jews' attachment to their country.

Chief Rabbi of Tunis Haim Bittan called on the Jews of Tunisia to visit their country and invest in it to enhance its influence