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Chahed affirms military and security forces' determination to make tourist season a success

Published the:  01/06/2019

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed affirmed on Saturday the readiness of the security forces and the national army and their determination to make a success of the tourist season and ward off any terrorist threat.

The armed and security forces are fully alert, especially on the borders, given the tense situation in Libya, he said on the fringes of his visit to the El Bokri locality in Sidi Thabet (Governorate of Ariana).

In a statement to TAP, Chahed commended the efforts exerted by the armed and security forces to prevent and combat terrorism, with a view to preserving the national security, especially during the month of Ramadan.

The PM pointed out that "all the current indicators show a promising and exceptional start of the tourist season, especially after the great success recorded by the Jewish pilgrimage of the Ghriba in Djerba and the increase in the number of bookings in many inland and coastal areas."

Chahed affirmed that the current challenge consists in making a success of the national exams, the return of Tunisians living abroad and the summer season in general, particularly in terms of security.

Terrorist threats, he added, continue to require increased vigilance by the government and citizens to prevent potential threats to the country