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SOS Children-Donations: "State undertakes to transfer taxes on SMS to association fund" (Chahed)

Published the:  05/06/2019

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed promised Tuesday night that the State will transfer all taxes imposed by law on the amounts of SMS sent by Tunisian donors to the SOS Children's Villages, for the fund of this charity.

 "The government will support these villages, we have enforced the law by imposing taxes on SMS, but we undertake to transfer all tax revenue amounts to the SOS village’s fund," Chahed told reporters after attending a theatrical and musical show on the occasion of Aid El-Fitr.

The PM wrote on his personal account on Twitter "On this night of the Aid, I would like to thank all the Tunisians who have expressed their solidarity and support to the children's villages and we undertake to provide all the necessary means to the SOS villages through the State budget to address any shortage of funds."

For her part, President of the SOS Children's Villages Association in Tunisia Amel Ben Said Kmicha told TAP that the budget of the SOS villages, which host about 400 children without parental care in addition to those cared for within their families, will run a deficit of up to 40% of its overall resources early next year, after the International Federation of Children's Villages had decided to end support to Tunisia for years and to 32 other countries.

She urged the State to "shoulder the financial deficit that will be recorded in the annual budget of the association estimated at 5 million dinars