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"Investia PME" programme launched to facilitate access to financial market financing for 120 SMEs

Published the:  18/06/2019

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(TAP)- Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced, Tuesday in Tunis, the launch of the "Investia PME" programme, aimed at strengthening the access of 120 small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to direct financing through the Tunisian financial market.

Speaking at the closure of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Tunis Stock Exchange, Chahed stressed the need to facilitate the obtaining of financing through the financial market, by revising the legal framework for bonds issuance, with a view to further facilitating its procedures.

He said that measures will be taken to boost savings, and in particular savings through the financial market, by developing mechanisms and providing the necessary incentives.

The executive is committed to "strengthening the base of listed companies, through the opening of the capital of certain public companies or through the financing of their needs, by directly resorting to the financial market, through the issuance of bonds. The State and local authorities could also have the possibility of using the mechanisms offered by the financial market to finance their development projects," the PM said.

He considered that, despite the reforms undertaken in the Tunisian financial market, the results have not reached the required level, which requires an additional effort to adapt the financial market to recent developments.

The PM noted the modest contribution of the Tunis Stock Exchange to the financing of private investment, despite the changes in the Tunisian financial market in the legislative, organisational and technical fields.

He asserted the government's commitment to studying the proposals and recommendations of the Tunis Stock Exchange (TSE) to make the most of them, stressing "the importance of disseminating financial literacy to the general public and future generations".

Chahed recommended greater coordination between the different market structures and the ministries of education and higher education to include this culture in the curriculum