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Prime Minister announces full range of measures for Governorate of Mahdia

Published the:  22/06/2019

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced at a special regional council meeting held in the governorate of Mahdia a full range of measures “to solve the problems of the region, invest in its different regions and open up its inland areas.”

Speaking to reporters after the council meeting, Chahed said a follow-up committee for these projects has been set up, overseen by a government minister and including a number of MPs in Parliament.

He pointed out that the decisions taken are binding on the dates of

implementation and that funds have been allocated to carry them out.

The decisions include, according to the Prime Minister, the inclusion of a triple treatment by the new sanitation station in the governorate of Mahdia, for a cost of 103 million dinars, with the use of treated water in an irrigated area of approximately 1000 ha and the connection of the governorate to the motorway while creating two delegations in Rejich and Al-Baradaa.

Minister of State Property and Land Affairs Hedi Makni said it has been decided to allocate 6 hectares for the construction of an administrative district, an exhibition hall and a regional management of real estate property, as well as regulating the situation of mortmain property, such as the public Wafq endowment of Aziza Othmana.

The decisions include regulating the land situation of agglomerations built on state properties for about 150 groups of inhabitants and benefiting 15,000 inhabitants, added the minister.

He said the settlement process will be launched at the first small Cabinet meeting with the creation of four service branches.

Youth and Sports Minister and Acting Health Minister Sonia Ben Sheikh said health sector decisions include the launch of a study in 2019 to create the outpatient clinic at Taher Sfar University Hospital.

She added that the list also includes the creation of a toxin unit in the forensic department of the hospital for a cost of nearly 400 thousand dinars with the provision of more than 600 thousand dinars to create the space that will house a second scanner and another to house the MRI.

The decisions also provide for the establishment and equipment of a cardiology unit at Taher Sfar Hospital and the completion of all procedures related to the construction and equipment of the El Djem regional hospital at a cost of 52 million dinars during the year 2020, the minister said.

Measures in the health field also include the construction of a dialysis service at Chebba local hospital, the cost of which is estimated at 0.8 million dinars in 2020 and the launch of the upgrade of the local Boumerdes Hospital (1.3 million in the same year).

It was also decided to develop the basic health centers of Tlalsa, East Hkaimah, Karkar city, by modifying their categories from classes 2 to 4 and create basic health centres in Boumerdes and Mahdia city.

Ben Sheikh stressed that the next ten days will see the convening of a regional health council to study strengthening medics and paramedics of various public health institutions in the region.

With regard to the sports sector, the minister said it has been decided to double the budgets of all sports associations in the region and to give exceptional grants to women's sports associations in Mahdia governorate.

Minister of Transport Hichem Ben Ahmed pointed out that the decisions taken during the special council held in Mahdia include the study of a railway project linking the city of Mahdia to El Djem and Chebba.

They also include a new quay linking the port of Mahdia and Sabkhet Ben Ghiadha that will be built, as part of public-private partnership, to allow cruise ships to berth.

Doubling the railway line connecting Moknine to Mahdia for a cost of 50 million dinars from 2020 was also among the decisions, said the transport minister