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Tunis attacks failed, according to Youssef Chahed

Published the:  27/06/2019

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(TAP) - The attacks of the Avenue de France and El-Gorjani failed, said Thursday, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, as he went to the Habib Bourguiba avenue to inquire about the security situation.

"Tunis attacks are considered a failure as they clearly show the terrorists' disappointment after the successful security and military operations conducted during the month of Ramadan," he told the media.

He affirmed that the objective sought through these attacks is to weaken the Tunisian economy and the democratic transition, especially since Tunisia is preparing to organise the forthcoming legislative and presidential elections.

"We are firmly committed to combating terrorism. These terrorist groups have no place in Tunisia," he pointed out.

Youssef Chahed called Tunisians to close ranks around the military and security institutions and to have full confidence in their country.

Two terrorist attacks occurred on Thursday morning at Avenue de France in Tunis and El-Gorjani, killing one person and injuring eight