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"Last element of terrorist group involved in twin suicide bombing, killed " (Chahed)

Published the:  03/07/2019

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(TAP) - "The last element belonging to the terrorist group involved in the twin suicide bombing perpetrated last Thursday in Tunis, was killed on Tuesday evening," assured Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on the fringes of his visit to the El Gorjani Anti-Terrorist Unit.

In a statement to the media in the presence of Interior Minister Hichem Fourati, Chahed said that the terrorist group had been planning other operations against Tunisia and its interests.

"Thanks to the promptness of the security and military forces and especially the anti-terrorist unit, this terrorist group was neutralised and all its members were arrested," he specified.

The PM pointed out that the Tunisian democratic transition experience is targeted, especially as the country is preparing to organise the legislative and presidential elections and to live through a promising tourist season.

"Tunisia is strong by its men and women capable of defending it and sacrificing themselves for it and for the national colours with unwavering determination," he indicated, adding that "all countries are under the threat of terrorism."

"Tunisia's level of operational readiness to fight terrorism is not below that of any other country in Europe or globally," Chahed considered.

He pointed out the efforts exerted by the police officers and the security institution to defend and preserve Tunisia’s security.

"We will have no respite until the neutralisation of the last terrorist, Tunisia is against the culture of terrorism and death."