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Chahed kicks off national early breast cancer detection campaign

Published the:  11/07/2019

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed Thursday kicked off the national campaign for the early detection of breast cancer at the School and University Health Centre in Manouba.

The three-month campaign is geared towards nearly 500,000 women across the country who will get screening in over 3,000 centres; 2,500 will have follow-up and care over one year.

Chahed told reporters 3,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Recovery is possible in 90% of cases in the event of an early-stage detection.


This national campaign, in which the government engaged along with "Ahmini" campaign, was  set in motion considering the annual increase in the number of cases, Chahed said.


"The government provided needed equipment in all regions for early diagnosis, in addition to awareness campaigns directed towards women," the Prime Minister said. Health clusters were also adequately staffed.


In this vein, the Prime Minister called on civil society to sign up to the initiative by urging the largest possible number of women to seek screening for early detection. 


Chahed, who was accompanied by Acting Minister of Health Sonia Ben Cheikh and the Governor of Manouba, toured awareness tents, the mobile clinic of the National Board for Family and Population (French: ONFP) and the different screening spaces that received 200 women in Manouba