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Gov't does not seek to up retiring age (PM)

Published the:  16/07/2019

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(TAP)- The government does not intend to raise again the retirement age, the Prime Minister Tuesday said on the fringes of the National Conference on "Senior Citizens and Retirees: Expertise and Experience in the Service of the Country."

The pensionable age was lifted recently in agreement with social partners and under a law adopted in April, Youssef Chahed said. This helped improve the financial situation of social funds.

The government has not the intention to put forward a draft law that eyes a higher retirement age, the PM further said.

Law n°12 dated March 5, 1985 was amended and supplemened last April. A one-year increase came into force as of July 1, 2019.

The pensionable age will be lifted by two years as of January 1, 2020, for staff members who would have reached 60 years.

Chahed also said, in this vein, a council of the wise will be launched to have retirees involved in decision-making and the development of economic, social and cultural integration programmes