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Problems related to storage and transport of grains will be solved end of July (Chahed)

Published the:  22/07/2019

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(TAP) -The problems related to the storage and transport of grains will be solved by the end of July, assured Monday Prime Minister Youssef Chahed in a statement to the media during an unexpected visit to the National Grain Board in Tunis.

"Contrary to circulating rumours, there has been no loss in the quantities of grain collected," he insisted, specifying that the country recorded this year, the second largest harvest since independence.

"This will help reduce imports and improve the trade balance," he added, saying that all the State efforts have been mobilised to ensure the grain evacuation operation.

Grain production reached around 24 million quintals during this season, 11.3 million quintals of which were collected, while nearly 2.5 million quintals remained exposed in the open, due to problems related to the poor capacity of storage and transport.

In order to remedy these problems, measures were adopted on Saturday following a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries, including the creation of a centralised monitoring unit within this department, the implementation of a specific action program and a daily agenda covering the next 10 days and careful monitoring of quantities stored outdoors.

It was also decided to instruct the National Grain Board to sell the quotas of July and August 2019 to the flour mills, by adding 400 thousand quintals for storage and to start immediately in the evacuation operation.