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PM calls for establishing national charter for resolution of disputes outside educational institutions

Published the:  23/07/2019

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(TAP)- Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, said on Wednesday that it is necessary to establish a national charter to enshrine the right to education in accordance with the constitution, and which delimits the legal and institutional frameworks essential to the resolution of disputes away from educational and academic structures.

"We are going through a delicate stage in the history of the public education system, which requires us to give priority to the public interest, to the interests of our students, in particular through the establishment of a new way of managing crises and disputes, according to the values of respect and dialogue," Chahed said on Wednesday during the celebration ceremony, the Knowledge Day which took place at the Convention Centre in Tunis.

At the same time, Chahed pointed to the significant regression of the education and research system, considering that the current system "is no longer able to keep pace with developments in education and higher education in terms of scientific research, academic publications, pedagogical approaches, teaching methods, curriculum content and the pedagogical framework".

"It is serious to involve the entire education system in conflicts affecting the image of university structures, the place of choice of the educator and which had infected the educational climate, and now represents a real threat to the country," added Chahed.

Chahed also recommended that the digital aspect be introduced as part of a global strategy for the reform of the education system, "given the importance of meeting the challenges of quality and the competitiveness of human resources at both regional and international levels".

He also stressed the importance of further training and the diversification of courses and specialities for students, in addition to the promotion of university services.

For his part, Minister of Education Hatem Ben Salem said that the previous school year had been marked by various problems that had been imposed on the education system that threatened its foundations.

The government's position was constantly consistent on the need to adopt dialogue to overcome differences and "keep the educational institution, examinations and students away from any negotiation, thus ensuring the success of the academic year and the smooth running of national examinations," the minister said.

Ben Salem also reviewed the measures and decisions that have been adopted by his department over the past two years, based on an objective diagnosis of the reality of educational institutions.

In this connection, he recalled that the Ministry of Education had started infrastructure maintenance projects after the necessary funds, estimated at 521 million dinars, had been released. These include the creation of a national centre for training and skills development (CNFDC) which will provide additional training for 14,000 teachers, including 7,000 substitutes, he noted.

Ben Salem considered that reforms, however significant they may be, still remain under way in the absence of a fundamental reform of the education system, stressing that the Tunisian school currently suffers from structural problems that require urgent intervention within the framework of a consensual approach based on solid political will.

For his part, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Slim Khalbous, outlined the various reforms undertaken by his department during the past period, including those aimed at promoting student employability, such as the revision of the Licence-Maîtrise-Doctorat (LMD) system, through the creation of new specialities and the introduction of practical and theoretical training in all specialities.

The Knowledge Day, marked by the participation of some members of the government, MPs and representatives of national bodies and organisations, political parties and university presidents, was an opportunity to honour the winners of national examinations and universities.