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Sidi Bouzid: 2,500 families included in national programme to help poor families

Published the:  06/08/2019

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(TAP) - The government has decided, after a small Cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, to 2,500 new families in the national programme to help needy families in the governorate of Sidi Bouzid and carry out a study on a project of a farm to integrate disabled people in the same region.

It was decided also, during the meeting dedicated to the governorate of Sidi Bouzid, to earmark 490 thousand dinars to projects for 85 women under the programme to support female entrepreneurship “Pilot” and to finance agricultural projects.

As part of the implementation of the project of social empowerment of families with special needs during the current year, the Cabinet meeting has allocated a budget of 100 thousand dinars for the benefit of 25 families in the region of Sidi Bouzid.

It was also decided to enroll 600 children (aged 3 to 4), from all the delegations of the governorate, in private kindergartens and social solidarity gardens for the 2019/2020 school year.

Besides providing buses for women working in the agricultural sector, the Cabinet meeting authorised the creation of a space reserved for families in the delegation of Douar Slatnia, whose cost is estimated at 2.5 million dinars.

These social measures taken for the benefit of the Sidi Bouzid region are part of a package of measures adopted by the small Cabinet meeting