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Youssef Chahed pledges to place himself on equal footing with other candidates for President

Published the:  22/08/2019

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(TAP) - Prime Minister and presidential candidate Youssef Chahed said on Thursday he will spare no effort to place himself on an equal footing with his competitors in the race for the Presidency and to guarantee the neutrality of the administration.

Speaking in remarks on Wataniya TV on Thursday evening, Youssef Chahed announced that he delegated his powers to Minister of Public Service, Modernisation of the Administration and Public Policies Kamel Morjane, until the end of the election campaign on September 13.

Commenting on the calls for resignation launched by some for him to focus on the election campaign, Youssef Chahed said he was surprised by that call, all the more so, that under the constitution the resignation of the head of government implies the resignation of all members of the government, he added.

He also stressed that he did not accept blocking the workings of the state, recalling that the Constitution allows the head of government in office to stand for election.

On his decision to delegate his powers to Minister of the Public Civil Service Kamel Morjane, who chairs the national council of his own party Tahya Tounes, Youssef Chahed reassured Tunisians about the management of the country's current affairs in the coming weeks and the mobilisation of the administration for the next events, in particular the beginning of the school year and the return of Tunisian expatriates to their host countries