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Government, HAICA and Tunisian Television sign contract of objectives and modalities

Published the:  30/08/2019

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(TAP) - "The contract of objectives and modalities” under which material and legal resources are provided to the Tunisian television that undertakes, for its part, to achieve a series of objectives agreed later under the control of the Independent High Authority of Audiovisual Communication (HAICA), was signed Friday.

The agreement was signed by CEO of the Tunisian Television Mohamed Lassad Dahech, Secretary-General of the Government Riadh Mouakher and HAICA President Nouri Lajmi.

The agreement guarantees the neutrality of the Tunisian television, its independence and its efficiency as a public service, said HAICA President Nouri Lajmi.

The agreement commits the government to provide the necessary working resources, he added, underlining that HAICA has worked for a long time on this project before its signature and that it is a practice in force in democratic countries.

The Secretary General of the Government, for his part, noted that the CEO of the National Television will work, under the agreement to develop the material and legal resources and that the CEO can be dismissed only under a favourable opinion from HAICA and an assessment of his performance.

He emphasised the importance of keeping this posit away from political and economic pressures.

The CEO of the Tunisian television said the agreement reflects the trust between the three parties.

He expressed the wish to see the social partners namely the unions support this contract in the same way as the process of reform of public media