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Morjane decides to hold Cabinet meeting on flood damage in Ariana

Published the:  11/09/2019

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(TAP) - Acting Prime Minister Kamel Morjane, on Wednesday, decided to hold a Cabinet meeting, without specifying any date, to take urgent measures for the el-Mostakbal neighbourhood in Ariana and other parts of the governorate that were damaged by Tuesday’s heavy reains.

The Acting Prime Minister went to el-Mostakbal neighbourhood, where he spoke to the residents and inspected the damage affecting their dwellings and the interventions of the civil protection, the Prime Ministry said in a statement.

However, he had to leave quickly, due to protest and anger by local citizens, reported concordant sources.

He also instructed the Ministers of Social Affairs, Public Works and Local Affairs and the Environment to identify quick and effective solutions for the el-Mostakbal neighbourhood and to intervene likely to prevent floods.

Significant amounts of rainfall have been recorded in several areas of the Tunis district over the past 24 hours, including Ariana (81mm), Cherfech (48mm) and Sidi Thabet (26mm).

A protest by residents of the el-Mostakbal neighbourhood in Ariana over deterioration of infrastructure and flooding of their homes, on Tuesday, led to blocking traffic in National Road No. 8 for several hours