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34th Business Days kick off in Sousse

Published the:  06/12/2019

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(TAP) – The 34th edition of Enterprise Days, organised at the initiative of the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE) under the theme: “The enterprise and the new role of the State,” kicked off on Friday in the presence of over 1,000 participants, including politicians and economists from Tunisia and different regions of the world.

Speaking at the opening of the event, IACE President Taieb Bayahi pointed out the need to act quickly to address the multiple economic, political and social crises that Tunisia has lived through since the Revolution.

He called on the political parties and trade unions to set aside their differences and support the efforts of the new government and intensify action to ensure the investor's confidence and boost investment, which alone can create riches and jobs.

Event Co-ordinator Nafaa Ennaifer indicated that the agenda of these days includes four panels on "the economic crisis and the role of the State," “the technological crisis and the digital transformation of the State," "the crisis of values: Towards a regulatory State" and "the social crisis: What model of inclusion?”.

The opening session will be held under the theme: “The political crisis for an efficient State” and will help discuss the country’s political crisis, the posed challenges and alternative solutions so as to take them up notably through the examination of means to overcome the failures of the current political system, Ennaifer recalled.

Participants in the second panel will discuss "the economic crisis and the State’s role" and will present the development scheme adopted by the Tunisian government and the measures decided in this regard, especially anti-corruption programmes and investment laws that have not produced the expected economic results.

As for the 3rd panel, it will debate, Ennaifer specified, the theme: “Social crisis: What model of inclusion?” to address poverty, marginalisation, regional imbalance and the outbreak of social movements, which requires a change in traditional policies to combat poverty and social exclusion.”

The 4th panel entitled: "Technological crisis and digital transformation of the State," will offer an opportunity to discuss the digital challenges facing Tunisia despite the start of the digitisation of the administration since the 1970s, the implementation of the "smart cities" project and reforms related to the modernisation of the administration.

"Crisis of values: Towards a regulatory state" will be the subject of the last panel during which emphasis will be laid on the failure to respect moral values, which jeopardises the administrative apparatus, rendering it incapable of working as a means to achieve development and economic growth.

This 34th edition welcomes Tunisian and foreign politicians and economists, such as Caretaker Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, former Interim President Mohamed Ennaceur, Turkey’s former President Abdullah Gül, Greece’s former Premier Aléxis Tsípras, World Bank Group Vice President for Middle East and North Africa Ferid Belhaj, former President of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) Wided Bouchamaoui and former Secretary-Genrel of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) Houcine Abassi