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Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders: Chahed urges heightened coordination to respond to terrorist threats

Published the:  11/12/2019

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(TAP) – Caretaker Prime Minister Youssef Chahed urged Arab countries to increase vigilance and pool efforts to respond to terrorist threats.

The current regional and international state of affairs "requires now more than ever heightened vigilance," he Wednesday said in an opening address of the 43rd Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders.

The Arab region is witnessing growing terrorist threats, expanding activities of organised crime groups and the proliferation of the hate and extremist speech on social media.

Vigilance and efficiency are called for as long as ISIS is maintaining its presence in the Arab region, particularly in North Africa given its geographical proximity with Sahel-Saharan States and Europe.

The Caretaker PM said, in this connection, there is need to identify threats and implement concrete measures adapted to current requirements in such a way as to develop strategies in place.

He also hailed successful counter-terrorism operations that saw terrorist group leaders eliminated and their plans foiled as a proactive strategy was set in motion. There is likewise more public awareness that security and the defence of the homeland are a collective responsibility, Chahed highlighted.

Chahed shed light on the importance of joint Arab action and the need to ensure its sustainability by means of strengthening consultation and scaling up cooperation in various areas. The decisions and recommendations of this conference are expected to live up to expectations and security challenges, he added.

Various topics top the event's agenda, mainly the creation of a structure to strengthen Arab electronic security cooperation and the establishment of an Arab solidarity fund for police personnel. The fund is intended to cover the expenses of medical, psychological and social care for the injured among police staff and their families