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Mr. Foued Mebazaa sworn in

Published the:  15/01/2011

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Under the provisions of Article 57 of the Constitution and following the statement published by the Constitutional Council, on Saturday, January 15, 2011, on the announcement of the final vacancy for the post of the Presidency of the Republic, and since the constitutional requirements are met for the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies to take over immediately the duties of acting President of the Republic, Mr. Foued Mebazaa assumed, today, the duties of the Presidency of the Republic for a period ranging between 45 days at least and 60 days at most, during which there will be election of a new President of the Republic for a five-year term.
Pursuant to the above-mentioned article, the person holding the office of acting President of the Republic can not bid for the Presidency of the Republic.
Mr. Foued Mebazaa, invested as acting President of the Republic, was sworn in before members of the Chamber of Deputies' and Chamber of Advisers' bureaus who met jointly on Saturday afternoon in Bardo Palace.
Mr. Foued Mebazaa, then, delivered the following address:
Fellow Citizens,
Sons and daughters of the valiant people of Tunisia, at this delicate juncture in the history of our beloved country, I invite you all, as well as all active forces, political parties, national organisations and various components of the civil society, to prioritise the higher interest of the homeland and support the Army and national security forces to establish security, preserve the private and public property and restore calm and serenity among citizens, in different regions, which is likely to meet all appropriate conditions to start a new stage that meets the ambitions and aspirations of the people for an advanced political life consecrating democracy, pluralism and effective participation of all sons of Tunisia, with neither exception nor exclusion, as part of a process of reconstruction.
Regarding the Government, and referring to the Constitutional Council, in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 72 of the Constitution, on the functioning of the Constitutional Council;
Considering the provisions of articles 50 and 57 of the Constitution;
Given that the duties of the government ended, following its dissolution;
Given that the Prime Minister has been asked to propose members of the Government;
Given that the date of the announcement of the vacancy for the post of the President of the Republic, and considering that the other members of the Government have not yet been appointed, the government is thus not formed, which makes inapplicable provisions of paragraph 4 of Article 57, concerning the government;
Given that the functioning of the Constitutional public powers and the continuity of the State require the appointment of the government, in line with the spirit of the Constitution and its different provisions;
Given that the higher interest of the country requires the formation of a Government of national unity;
We ask Mr. Mohamed Ghannouchi, Prime Minister, to propose the members of this government, under article 50 of the Constitution".