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Statement by Secretary-General of Ettajdid Movement

Published the:  15/01/2011

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Consultations that have been called by Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi to examine ways to overcome the current situation in the country and future political reforms started on Saturday January15, 2011 at the Government Palace.
He held, in this regard, consultations with Secretary-General of Ettajdid Movement Ahmed Ibrahim who said his meeting with the Prime Minister was an opportunity to reassert, once more, the attachment of the living forces of the nation, including his movement, to save the country identify a peaceful solution to the current crisis and avoid all forms of destruction.
The secretary-general of Ettajdid Movement said: " the country must remain above any other consideration," adding:
"No to injustice from today," which means a total break with the old system and the beginning of a new democratic process.
He pointed to the existence of an agreement and positive listening to the proposal put forward by the Movement, which involves the creation of a higher authority for political reform and the start of the process of democratic transition, with the participation of national figures representing serious parties that believe in transition.
The secretary-general of Ettajdid Movement said, in this regard, that there will consultations on the composition and powers of this authority to revise the Electoral Code and organise early legislative and presidential elections commensurate with the change.
Mr. Ahmed Brahim voiced satisfaction at the Prime Minister's attachment to the principles of democracy and patriotism and to putting an end to old methods and engaging in a new democratic era which shows the proper understanding and assimilation of the message addressed by the people, their sacrifices and their heroism and reflects seriously the historical victory won by this people, in a climate marked by vigilance of all facing any attempt to regress or ignore true democratic demands.
He said that consultations will go on as part of a wider unit which would be the expression of the will of the people and allow the country and citizens to engage in this new historical turning point while being calm and reassured about their security.
Mr. Brahim said, in this regard:, we are committed to make this democratic transition," while working to ensure that the people have their say and that Tunisians live for the first time in their history as free citizens in a real society of justice".
He added: "we will strive to ensure citizenship and justice, in collaboration with all democratic forces, the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) and national figures. In addition, all efforts will be joined to protect our country. We have made an unprecedented gain in the Arab world and led a revolution against despotism. It is a turning point that will be a model for the entire Arab nation and we should assume our responsibilities. Our youth, our elite and our people should make this effort to save the country and begin a new historical phase of which we will all be proud".