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Statement by Tunisian General Labor Union

Published the:  15/01/2011

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The Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) paid tribute to the Tunisian people for their struggle against injustice, oppression and all forms of corruption and mismanagement, reiterating its firm condemnation of the killings perpetrated against civilians protesting for their rights to decent work and reaffirming the need to work to protect citizens and families against looting and aggression and ensure their safety.
In a statement issued on Saturday  January 15, 2011, the UGTT Board praises the Union's role in the organization of the struggles conducted by workers, under the leadership of their regional and sectoral trade union structures and their success in mobilizing other people and defending their rights and their social interests.
UGTT urges respect for the Constitution and particularly articles related to mechanisms allowing to resolve the crisis and form a national coalition government made up of different intellectual, political and social sensibilities.
UGTT also stresses the need to set up immediately a fact-finding committee to bring to justice any person involved in the killing of Tunisian citizens by firing live ammunition or giving orders for that. The Union also calls for setting up a committee of investigation into corruption and corrupt people, made up of independent figures and lawyers and a national committee for the revision of the Constitution and the Electoral Code and all laws related to political reform to join appropriate conditions for holding democratic elections.
UGTT also calls for effective freedom of the press, a general amnesty, real pluralism, as well as revision of the concept of security, its structures and its mission, stressing the right to peaceful demonstration and organization away from pressure or obstruction.
The statement stresses the need to preserve public and private property, emphasizing the need to express themselves peacefully and freely, calling upon business managers and business owners to resume their economic activities and open their premises, to meet the needs of citizens so as to end acts of plundering committed by non-identified bands.
UGTT invites regional and local trade union structures to set up committees to protect their premises, public property and businesses as well as families and citizens from all forms of aggression.