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Statement by PDP Secretary-General

Published the:  15/01/2011

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Mrs. Maya Jeribi, Secretary-General of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) stressed the importance of consultations held, on Saturday January15, 2011, by Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi with representatives of the political parties and social partners which, she said, provided the opportunity to present the party's positions on reform and the security situation.
After this meeting, Mrs. Jeribi stressed the party's commitment to defend the public and private property, in light of the serious security situation prevailing in the country, denouncing, in this regard, the corrupting forces of violence and chaos that have interest in the deterioration of this situation.
These groups practice "the policy of scorched earth," She said, calling, in this regard, upon all Tunisians to face these groups.
Mrs. Jeribi stressed the need to move forward on the path of political reform by ensuring freedoms, proclaiming general amnesty and sending a strong message to the Tunisian people, stating that the process of reform has already started.
She also reminded of the PDP's proposal to form a government of national salvation that breaks with the previous stage.
The initiative of Mr. Mohamed Ghannouchi to hold these consultations, she underlined, falls in this line, insofar as it proposes forming a national coalition Government that includes parties involved in political reform. It also comes ahead of the organization of free and transparent elections under independent supervision and international control.