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Statement by Mr. Mokhtar Trifi

Published the:  15/01/2011

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Mr. Mokhtar Trifi, lawyer, said in a statement after his meeting with Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi that the meeting had focused on the need to combine efforts to save the country from the situation of disorder and ensure transition to a healthy democratic life.
He said he had expressed to the prime minister his readiness and willingness to contribute to developing democratic life and human rights and co-operate with all forces in the country for this purpose.
He also laid emphasis on the need to safeguard the security of persons, protect property and ensure that security forces assume their role, pointing out that efforts exerted show that the next few hours will see a gradual restoration of security so that the country returns to work and construction.
I had reaffirmed to the prime minister that we remain vigilant no to regress and finish off the announced reforms, in such a manner as to defend freedoms and democracy, the citizens' right to demonstrate peacefully and to a free information and protect the rights of all citizens, he added.